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Jiaxing, Huzhou Mid-Autumn Silkworm Eggs reduced

Since ancient times, Zhejiang Jiaxing and Huzhou are known as “land of fish and rice” and “capital of Silk”. But in the recent years, Sericulturist is not so initiative in silkworm breeding. Amount of Mid-Autumn silkworm egg this year  have a  obvious decline.
This year, the growth of cocoon silk industry is optimistic, cocoon price hits a new high record. Raw silk prices broke through 300.000 yuan per ton.The sericulture production is more profitable,therefore the amount of Mid-Autumn Silkworm egg should increase. But according to the information from  price monitoring center of Jiaxing and Huzhou on the 8th of Sep , the preliminary statistics show Huzhou  Mid-Autumn Silkworm number is 67,492 PCs of silkworm egg paper, down 2,999 or 4.3%, compare to the same time last year; Jiaxing Mid-Autumn silkworm egg paper is 89361.2, 12801.3 or 12.53%less than last year.
Price monitoring center of Jiaxing City declare,though the amount of summer silkworm egg  has a significant increase but the Mid-Autumn silkworm egg amount still have a significant decline like the spring.This is mainly caused by the influx of illegal silkworm from foreign market , and the quantity is increasing. According to estimation, inflows account  for around 30% of the unified silkworm.