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The facts you should know about silk filled duvet(3)

Comparing to quality level 4 and 5, the products quality level 2 and 3 are also filled with the natual silk fiber, the difference is the quality level of the silk

fiber filled.It is a deception of using shoddy as quality products.It is more difficult to tell its difference from the top grade silk duvet filled with long strand

mulberry silk .
We can tell the difference through touch, smell and appearance, which need high reqirements and experience.Some products may need professionals to tell the difference.
1,Touch: you can touch the silk duvet, the natural silk has sense of draping, rather than fluffy.If possible, you can touch the inner side of the duvet and pull the

fibers filled in the duvet, if the fiber is not so easy broken,the fiber is the mulberry silk fiber which is the long strand fiber more than 100cm. If not, the fiber

may be tussah, which is short stand fiber, commonly only about 20cm. The long strand fiber is more durable and no need to be remade after several year’s use.

2,Apperance: High quality silk is clean and neat with little impurities. It has a pearl-like luster appearance,which produce diffuse light reflection under the light.
The poor quality silk is in pale color, lake of soft and lenitive luster,more impurities and orderless.

3,Smell: As the silk is an animal fiber, therefore silk products emitt special smell of silkworm. Through the holes, You can identify the silk filled by smell. Duvet filled with top grade natural silk fiber has a special aroma of silk. If the silk duvet smell with an oily smell or musty odor.The silk filled in the duvet is inferior.

silk_filled_duvet_in_supermarketSpecial Zone for Silk filled Duvet in one Shanghai Supermarket

The facts you should know about silk filled duvet(1)

As the weather is getting cold, Supermarket is displaying silk filled duvet on the promotion counters, also the online shopping is beginning to promote silk filled duvet in a prominent position.

However, the price of a lot of silk filled duvet make the consumer confused,the products with similar or the same name, some only sold at 200 yuan or cheaper, but some is more expensive than 1,000 yuan.

Are these really silk filled duvet?

The investigation show many of the silk filled duvet labeled “100% silk” not really “silk”.According to National Standard, the duvet which contain at least 50% silk can be labeled as “silk filled duvet”. Many silk filled duvet sold in regular supermarket contain only 20%~30% silk, or even only 10% silk content.

Though most suppliers indicate their products are “100% long strand mulberry silk filled duvet”, but according to the investigation regarding the products on the market, the silk filled duvet at market can be divided into the several quality levels as the following.
1, Silk filled duvet filled with 100% mulberry silk,which come from Shuan Gong cocoon(Double house cocoon).  Shuan Gong cocoon is one cocoon made by two silkworms.This silk worms can not be used to make silk fabric,which is suitable to make the top grade silk filled duvet. The length of silk strand is more than 1000 meter, so the silk filled duvet is more durable.

2, Silk filled duvet filled with blend of mulberry silk and tussah or all tussah. The tussah is a kind of wild silk which is made by silkworm eating leaves of Castor or oak. Tussah is more stiff and a bit yellow. Commonly, the tussah need to be bleached or other chemical treatment.So the quality is not so good as mulberry silk.   As the mulberry silk is very expensive and limited, so most silk used in the duvet industry is tussah.

3, Silk filled duvet filled with blend of tussah and silk scraps,which is the cocoon scraps left after the spinning.The silk scraps was made into  silk pocket by machine. As the silk scrap is the low quality, the fiber is very short, which is only several meters long. So the silk duvet filled with this is not so durable, moreover the property of silk is not so good as mulberry silk filled duvet.
4, Silk filled duvet filled with tussah and other fiber,like Kapok,cotton or even polyester.
5, Silk filled duvet filled with polyester or other fiber with no silk at all