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An Introduction to health function of silk fiber

Silk is one kind of non-pollution natural fiber. It has unique properties and powerful vitality irreplaceable with other fibers and processed products.The dyed colorful silk fabric is easily to be made into a variety of top notch adornments, souvenirs,arts and crafts.so silk is known as “source of beauty” by the consumers. Then, what kind of healthy function to human body is possessed by silk clothing? The following details will tell us from four aspects.

1,Comfortable Feeling

Silk is composed of protein fibers.it has a smooth suingrface and an excellent biocompatibility with the human body. The coefficient of irritating andfriction on human body is the lowest of various typ es of fiber,only 7.4%. Therefore,when our delecate skin encounter the smooth silk,it complys with body curve and takes care of our skin by its submissive texture.

2,Good absorption and Distribution of humidity

The silk protein fiber is rich of a number of Amino group(-CHNH),amino(-NH2)and other hydrophilic group,also because of its porous,easy for water diffusion,so it can absorb and distribute moisture in the air and keep certain amount of humidity.Atnormal temperatures,it can help the skin retain some water,not make the skin not too dry. In summer,silk can help distribute the heat from body and make people feel cool.Because of this property,the silk is more suitable for direct contact with human skin,therefore,silk is summer necessary for human being.

Silk not only has good thermal performance,as well as insulation function.Its insulation property benifit from its porous structure.One silk fiber is composed of huge number small fibers,which is composed of huge number smaller fibers.Therefore, one the seemingly solid silk fiber,in fact 38% is hollow.In the gaps, there is a large number of air,the air prevents the heat distribution,which makes silk has a very good insulation.

3, The sound and dust absorption,heat resistance
Silk fabric has a higher porosity, which has good sound absorption and inspiratory so it can be used for indoor decoration,such as silk carpets,tapestries ,curtains,wall covering and so on.Decorated with silk,the room can not only be free of dust, but also be quiet.As silk has property of hygroscopic,keep the moisture ,inspiratory and porosity, so silk can not only adjust indoor temperature and humidity,but also absorb harmful gases, dust, microorganisms siphoning.Furthermore, the silk fibers have a small thermal denaturation but have a high heat resistance. when it is heated 100 ℃, only 5 to 8% of silk isembrittled.Silk combustion temperature is 300 ℃~400 ℃,it is a flame retardant fiber,on the other hand,Synthetic fiber combustion temperature is only 200~260℃,flammable and fusible.So using silk fiber as interior decoration material, not only have function of sound-absorbing,vacuuming,but also theflame retardant.
4, Anti-ultraviolet
In the silk protein, tryptophan and tyrosine can absorb unltraviolet light.So silk has good anti-ultraviolet function.The ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to humam body.Certainly, the silk absorbed the UV light will incur chemical changes itself,so that the silk, exposed in the sunlight, becomes yellow easily.