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Star Substitutes for cotton All kinds plant fiber on show Brilliantly

Low-carbon green living is becoming popular in all groups.As we all realize it is not just a slogan for environmental protection, rather than put into specific actions through which to get proven. In such Macor environment, what is the new requirement for the clothing, the first place demand of living?

With the improvement in the quality of modern life, the requirements for clothing is being higher and higher,which is no longer limited to the style,the more was emphasis on whether the clothing fabric is comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Recently,the rise of cotton price leads to the higher costs throughout the production chain.The price  have to rise for the whole Series products of the production chain, which gives the chance for emerge of new clothing fabric. The corn fiber, bamboo fiber, the new style hemp fiber etc.,the substitutes for cotton all show on stage brilliantly.These bio-based material can save more water and pesticides in production,which meet the requirements of whole society for “low carbon living”.

The garment are known as “eco-clothing”, which is manufactured by these natural plant and animal materials ,such as cotton, linen, silk, fur and the other new low-carbon green fabric.They take natural plants and animals as raw materials and pass the virus detection,possess appropriate symbol. When they meet the today’s enviroment protection trend and the internal requirements for return to ancient,the
” eco-clothing “is becoming the new trend of fashion filed. They reflect the environment protection awareness,not only from the sytle and color design, but also from the material selection from fabric to the buttons,zippers and other accessories,which are also employed non-polluting natural raw materials, avoid chemical dying and printing materials which will harm and destory the environment. From raw materials process to final products manufacture, all factors are taken into account from the point of environment protection,

For clothing design, no matter start from style or fabric, not only if the clothing is comfortable or stylish should be considered, the more important is if it meet the requirements of environmental protection. Low carbon, Green is the future trends of the fabric.