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2010 China International Home Textiles Silk Brocade promote the national Quintessence

2010 China International Home Textiles and Accessories Fair has ended. The breakthrough new  bamboo fiber, amazing Hangzhou Silk and NanJing Brocade(Nanjing Yunjin),bring a fresh air in the hustle and bustle of the city.

As the developent of the new technology,the silk is not so precious as the past.When civilians can afford to use it, the silk is becoming common due to the sole form. In this exhibition, silk bring a big surprise to the visitors. The silk material is still the same, but the hand feeling is completely different, attribute mainly to advances in technology, not only weaving method is changed, but also some drawbacks in the past are removed.It is more convenient from production to usage. Like silk in China,Nanjing Brocade also has a high status in the textiles history.Currently, it is also broadly employed in the home textile industry,which is involved no matter bedding, pillow cased or curtains and the others.The vistors are pleased to see National Quintessence is getting promoted.

Respect for nature,make life simple, it is also a kind of envoirement protection. At the scene on show, products emphasizing the concept of natural are seen everywhere. In recent years, the development of bamboo fiber is amazing.Except the bamboo flooring, the bamboo fiber products is becoming the focus in the business, as to its unique hand feeling and renewable property. Compared to the wide range of applications of other materials, bamboo fiber applications just stop at the field of towels, underwear and the like.It is no doubt that it it most possible that the bamboo fiber will boom in home textile industry in the near future. Except the natural materials, a number of brands start to pursue the process in natural and environment protection.They trend to employ pure natual material in the dyeing agent usage, especially in those related to children’s textiles,which is really considerate.