The facts you should know about silk filled duvet(3)

Comparing to quality level 4 and 5, the products quality level 2 and 3 are also filled with the natual silk fiber, the difference is the quality level of the silk

fiber filled.It is a deception of using shoddy as quality products.It is more difficult to tell its difference from the top grade silk duvet filled with long strand

mulberry silk .
We can tell the difference through touch, smell and appearance, which need high reqirements and experience.Some products may need professionals to tell the difference.
1,Touch: you can touch the silk duvet, the natural silk has sense of draping, rather than fluffy.If possible, you can touch the inner side of the duvet and pull the

fibers filled in the duvet, if the fiber is not so easy broken,the fiber is the mulberry silk fiber which is the long strand fiber more than 100cm. If not, the fiber

may be tussah, which is short stand fiber, commonly only about 20cm. The long strand fiber is more durable and no need to be remade after several year’s use.

2,Apperance: High quality silk is clean and neat with little impurities. It has a pearl-like luster appearance,which produce diffuse light reflection under the light.
The poor quality silk is in pale color, lake of soft and lenitive luster,more impurities and orderless.

3,Smell: As the silk is an animal fiber, therefore silk products emitt special smell of silkworm. Through the holes, You can identify the silk filled by smell. Duvet filled with top grade natural silk fiber has a special aroma of silk. If the silk duvet smell with an oily smell or musty odor.The silk filled in the duvet is inferior.

silk_filled_duvet_in_supermarketSpecial Zone for Silk filled Duvet in one Shanghai Supermarket

The facts you should know about silk filled duvet(2)

How can we tell the Quality of the silk filled duvet?

For quality level 4 and 5, it is a deception of using faux silk, polyester or the other fiber as natural silk fiber to fill the duvet.To tell if the duvet is 100% natural silk fiber filled, there are methods as belows.

1,Combustion: Silk is protein fiber. When burning, Silk fibers curl away from the flame, burn slowly with some melting, may self-extinguish when the flame is removed, and smells like burned feathers. Burned silk leaves a brittle, crushable round black bead after burning.
We can tell if this is the faux silk or polyester filled duvet. There is no natural silk fiber filled, only polyester.
2,Dissolution:We can use common disinfectant contain HCLO(Hypochlorite acid).The combuston is the traditional method to tell if the fiber is natural silk.This method is a bit outdate compare to the improvement of fake products.In fact, the current fake silk fiber is mostly mixed with other natural fiber like  kapok fiber,not the polyester before. The fiber will burn almost same as natural silk,and after burn,there is no stiff and uncrushable round black bead  left like polyester.

As the natural silk fiber is natural animal protein.When we dip the natural fiber into the a transparent glass filled with disinfectant, the natural silk fiber will be dissolved into the liquid in one or two minutue. If there are residuals in the glass, the fiber is not 100% natural silk fiber.