How to pick wool underwear?

  • Underwear has the highest requirements for comfort, so only high-quality fine yarns can be used to weave soft, smooth and comfortable underwear products. If the hand feeling of the underwear is thick and rough, it means that the selected yarn is too thick for an underwear, and it will be itchy when put on.
  • Wool underwear should be light and thin, and its lightness and thinness depends mainly on the fineness of the wool yarn. The finer the wool yarn, the more comfortable, and better meets the needs of underwear.
  • Wool underwear should have good elasticity. Underwear should be close to the body but not wrapping the body. The ribbed structure is a good choice for underwear products because of its strong elastic and recovery property.
  • Wool underwear color should pick the natural original color of the wool. Because it is worn close to the body, only the pure natural raw materials that have not been chemically dyed can give the best protection to the human body.

2018 Wool Underwear arrivals:

Womens 100% Wool Pullover Sweater V Neck Half Sleeve

Womens 100% Wool Pullover Sweater V Neck Half Sleeve

Womens Silk Wool Blend Turtleneck Long Sleeve

Womens Silk Wool Blend Turtleneck Long Sleeve


Wool Silk Blend Womens Underwear Longjohns Top and Bottom set

Wool Silk Blend Womens Underwear Longjohns Top and Bottom set

Womens 100% Fine Wool Sweater Overlap V Neck Long Sleeve

Womens 100% Fine Wool Sweater Overlap V Neck Long Sleeve



Top listings for Women’s Silk Shirts

Shirts made in 100% mulberry silk  are breathable and comfortable. It is more comfortable, compared to cotton and polyester shirts. You can wear a shirt as underwear or wear it as a top. It is easy to match with other clothing, a must in your Wardrobe.

Heavy Weight Silk Knit Women'S Camisole Tank Top
Heavy Weight Silk Knit Women’S Camisole Tank Top
Pure Silk Knit Women's V Neck Double Side Sleeveless Top Blouse Tank T-Shirt Vest
Pure Silk Knit Women’s V Neck Double Side Sleeveless Top Blouse Tank T-Shirt Vest
Pure Silk Knitted Women's V Neckline Short Sleeves
Pure Silk Knitted Women’s V Neckline Short Sleeves
Pure Silk Knit Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeves
Pure Silk Knit Women’s Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeves
Pure Silk Knit Women's V Neck Long Sleeves Top
Pure Silk Knit Women’s V Neck Long Sleeves Top

How to buy silk bedding sheets set online

As we all know that the silk fabric is good to human skin, especially for people who suffer from Skin allergies. The online shopping mak it possible for buyers to get the silk products at extreme competitive price, they may even purchase from silk production center directly at wholesale price. The originally luxury and expensive silk bedding set, only used by the rich,  is becoming affordable and popular.
But when you order the silk sheests, you see the title of the item, such as “19MM Heavy Weight Seamless Silk Sheets Fitted Flat 4pcsBedding Set“. Are you confused with the words like 19MM, heavy weight,Seamless? Are you clear what these specs exactly mean to silk sheets and how they will affect the price? If your answer is no, you may read this article and find some useful information from below.

16.5MM,19MM,22MM and the higher?

MM is abbreviation of Momme, an unit of measurement for silk fabric, just like thread count for cotton fabric. It is a measure of the weight of silk fabric,the weight in pounds of a piece of fabric if it were sized 45 inches by 100 yards. One momme = 4.340 grams per square meter. The higher in MM, the silk fabric is the thicker.
So do you think the thicker silk fabric means the better for silk sheets set? Let us make a comparison below

  • 16.5 MM-is most common thickness for silk fabric,mostly used to make clothing,like sleepwear,lingerie,underwear.
  • 19MM~25MM -the silk fabric thicker than 19MM, can be called heavy weight silk in the silk business.It is widely used to make clothing,sheets set and others.
  • 30MM and more–may be interweaved with inferior spun silk(the inner layer fiber in cocoon,short fiber). Moreover, the too thick silk fabric, as more than 30MM will lose the silk softness property, it is more stiff and looks “wooly”.It  is mostly used to make fashion or decoractive articles,like outwear,curtain and so on.

Therefore, the answer is that 19MM~25MM is most suitable silk fabric for silk sheets set, the thicker the price is higher, the thicker silk fabric is more durable.

Seamless Vs Joint Seam?

The typical width of the silk fabric is 44/45  inches or 58/60 inches, which is used to make clothing. Only the extra wide fabic, which is made specially for bedding, can be up to 110 inches. It can be made seamless bedding for all sizes.Certainly, the extra wide fabric need dedicate equipment and more advanced technology, the cost is much higher than common wide fabric.

To get more color variation and low-cost products to meet the different market requirements, sometimes 44/45 fabric may be used to make silk sheets set. As the fabric is not wide enough, so the fabric has to be jointed by seam.People all know the silk products is not durable. In fact, the silk fiber is strong enough for tear and bear. It is the seam, the weakest part, caused the silk products not durable enough. The seam is easy to be get apart after several time washing.

Therefore,if you have adquate budget, we recommend you pick the seamless bedding, which can be used at least double time than the bedding with seam.

Twin,Twin-XL,Full,Queen,King,Cal-king Size?

If you are not clear which size for your bedding, you can measure the size of your bed or mattress and find the right size for you as below.

US bed size:

  • Twin: 39×75 inches
  • Twin-XL: 39×80 inches
  • Full: 54×75 inches
  • Queen:60 x80 inches
  • King: 78 x80 inches
  • Cal-King:72 x84 inches

The larger bed size will need cut longer silk fabric from fabric bolt, so the cost is higher.  But  some minor size adjustment to bedding set will not cost extra length silk fabric, so there is almost no extra cost caused, you may contact the manufacturer before you order. We can make minor adjustment free for you. If you have any requirements or questions,please feel free to contact us.